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Bela-Bela (Warmbaths)

We hold regular weekly auctions in Sentrum, every 2nd Thursday of the month. Also keep an eye on the auction calendar for special auctions at this venue.

Information for sellers & buyers


Arrangements for an auction starts with a visit to the seller to canvas cattle that will be made available for auction. Transport is made available where needed to ensure livestock arrives safely at the auction venue. An indication of price per kg. is also discussed with the seller at this stage.

  • All cattle must be branded upon arrival at the auction venue with the exception of weaned calves.
  • All cattle must be loaded in an ascending order, from 1 till the last number.
  • Cattle are brought into the auction ring in this order. Sellers are required to supply all their details on the green slip provided by the auctioneers.

Starting times:
Small livestock (sheep, goats etc.): 09h30
Commercial auction of Cattle: 11h00

Buyers will be contacted the day prior to the auction. Buyers are given information about the number and breeds of animals on auction for a particular day.

  • All buyers must be registered prior to the start of the auction to be able to purchase livestock on an auction.
  • A buyers number will be allocated to all registered buyers.
  • Registration takes place half an hour before commencement of the auction at the auctioning office of the particular auction venue.

Starting times
Small livestock (sheep, goats etc.): 09h30
Commercial auction of Cattle: 11h00

Information relevant for auction proceedings on the day:

  • Cattle will be weighed and enter the auction ring in ascending order.
  • Cattle is then auctioned to the highest bidder.
  • Bidders must ensure that they raise their buyers number (card) in order to bid on a specific lot of livestock. The relevant lot will then be marked according to the alphabet. The lot number is entered into the register kept.
  • After conclusion of the auction all information in the register is submitted to the relevant auction office for finalisation.
  • Sellers have the choice to be paid by cheque or internet bank transfer. All payments of sellers are finalised by head office the day after the auction.
  • All buyers must personally finalise payment for their purchases at the auction office.
  • Buyers will only be allowed to load purchased livestock for transport upon completion of the auction.

Contacts for this auction


Ockie Goosen

Cell: 082 808 2479

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